About Us

P R E S T I G I O U S  foods is proud to present equally delicious and nutritional dates from Madinnah, Saudi Arabia. This has been a long awaited plan for Prestigious Foods to launch Ajwa in Hong Kong for the sole purpose of enabling every Muslim household to practice the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad ( May Peace be upon him). 

We’re on a Mission…

We’ve served over 1 Million customers and rising, and every experience has been guided by our mission. That mission is to make our customers happier more joyful people with our food that are as affordable as they are fun to use.


Our Vision is Clear

It’s crystal-clear—we want to bring you products that you will love. We fulfill that vision by working around the clock to partner with product manufacturers offering the most interesting products available.


Be Happy. Be Yourself. Shop The Way You Like.

You deserve to shop for products that make you happy. We all about giving you a selection of products that you can’t live without. Make your home a better place to be, or give your friend a gift they won’t forget, with our innovative products. And when you shop with us we offer killer customer service alongside free international shipping. No matter if you have a question about our products or where your shipment is, we will be there for you when you need us. We’ve got your back.